Hollister Job Application & Hollister Interview Questions

Hollister Careers and Hollister Jobs Online offers many ways to complete Hollister Job Application and start your career at Hollister. Now, if you want to complete Hollister Application Online or completed the job application already and want to check Hollister Interview Questions then you are at the perfect post. Everything that concern Hollister Application and Hollister Job Interview step by step guide has been provided here. In this post, you will be able to find ways to complete Hollister Jobs Application, Hollister Job Hiring Age, Hollister Jobs requirements, Hollister Jobs Interview, Jobs Application PDF etc. 

As you know Hollister retail jobs and corporate jobs are considered as one of the best places to work at. Now, as you are going to apply there at one of the largest clothing retail store chains in the world, applying for a job and thinking about walking in an interview will be stupidity. And I suggest our users and readers check the post available here not to get rejected in an interview and get hired for the desired jobs.

Hollister Hiring AgeHollister Job ApplicationHollister SalaryHollister Jobs

  • Hollister Hiring Age– Hollister retail stores hire applicants at the age of 16 Years (Sixteen Years). In order to work at Hollister Corporate Jobs, an applicant must be 18 years older.
  • An applicant applying for a job must be able to work sincerely as the store demanded. Hollister team member level job requires no any requirements or qualification while corporate jobs or manager level jobs require an experience working in a customer service department to three years of experience working in the retail store.
  • Hollister Working Hours– Hollister stores normally operate from 10 am to 8 pm. An employee working at the store must be able to work for 30 to 40 hours a week. Manager level jobs employee has to work for 30 hours a week.
  • Hollister Salary Hollister Jobs Pay Hollister Wages

    Stock Associate $10 per hour
    Sales Representative $9 per hour
    Team Member $8 to $9 per hour
    Customer Service Leader $20K per year
    Assistant Store Manager $30K to $35K per year
    Store Manager $35K to $45K per year
    Training Assistant $30K per year


Hollister Application or Hollister Application Process is a primary and most important thing applicants have to complete in order to apply for Hollister Jobs. Hollister Careers offers many ways to complete the Hollister Job Application. The applicant can choose any of the convenient ways to complete the application process and apply for the jobs.

Followings are the ways through which an applicant can apply for the jobs.

  1. Apply Hollister Jobs Online at Hollister Careers Website @ www.careers.hollisterco.com.
  2. Complete Hollister Job Application at any of the Hollister stores.

Hollister Application Online

www.careers.hollisterco.com is the server or portal which allows completing Hollister Job Application Online.

  1. Visit Hollister Careers website at careers.hollisterco.com.

  2. Choose the language in which you want to continue the Hollister Job Application process.

  3. Choose the country of the store to where you want to submit your job application.

  4. Search for jobs by state name or mall’s name.

  5. Select any of the available jobs and hit a click on it.

  6. Agree with the job Privacy statement and hit on Next Section to continue.

  7. Provide your First name, Middle name, and Last name and hit on Next Section to continue.

  8. Choose the job position you are applying for and provide contact details, address, mailing address etc.

  9. On this page, confirm if you legally authorized to work in the country you are applying for?

  10. Tell about working days and hours availability per week.

  11. Share your previous employment experience and hit on Next Section to continue.

  12. Share your Educational Background Details and continue.

  13. Have you ever been employed by Abercrombie & Fitch, Gilly Hicks, Hollister, or Ruehl?

  14. Verify for Employment history verification.

  15. Check the Hollister Job Description, Details, Responsibilities, Duties etc and hit on the Next Serction to continue.

  16. Review the application carefuuly, correct the errors and submit your application in the end.

Once you submit your application it will take time around up to one week for the consideration of your application. If you fulfill the requirements listed for the job and eligible enough to apply for the job then you will be notified for the further application process or hiring process by any means of contact you have provided in the application.


Once as you complete Hollister Job Application Process it will be time for the most difficult and challenging step of Hollister Hiring Process “AN INTERVIEW”. A Job Interview is the reason through which most of the applicants are either afraid to walk in for an interview. If you think it is going to be same for you then you must check this section here named Hollister Job Interview.

After analyzation of the applicants walked in Hollister Job Interview, we have found out that there are some questions and interrogations which are frequently asked an interviewee. We have selected some of those most probable questions that could be asked in Hollister Interview and published here which will help you answer most of them. 

At the beginning of the interview, there will be interrogations about an applicant’s personal life, hobbies, lifestyles, personal interests, work details, previous employment experience, education details etc. An applicant normally answers such questions very easily but when it comes to the interrogations about the store services and customer satisfaction issues, the candidate starts feeling nervous.

  1. What do you know about Hollister Clothing Store Chain?

These questions are interrogated in an interview to know or examine if applicants know anything about the store chain where they are going to apply. An applicant must answer such questions as long as possible. I have given Hollister Wiki file which will help you answer such questions.

Hollister Co., often advertised as Hollister or HCo., is an American lifestyle brand owned by Abercrombie & Fitch Co. The concept was originally designed to attract consumers aged 14–18, at a lower price point than the parent brand through its Southern California-inspired image and casual wear. Goods are available in-store and through the company’s online store. In 2008 Piper Jaffray ranked it as the second most preferred clothing brand of U.S. teens.

Type Division
Industry Retail
Founded July 27, 2000.
Headquarters New Albany, Ohio, U.S.
Locations 578
Area served International
Products Jeans, shirts, jackets, underwear, body care, pajamas, perfume, dresses, rompers, swimwear, shoes, hats, air fresheners, candles, sunglasses, pins, belts, and scarves
Owner Abercrombie & Fitch
Website hollisterco.com
  1. What makes you work here at The Hollister store? Or
    Why do you want to work here in the fashion retail industry?

I have completed my studies to work in the fashion industry and if being honest, working here at The Hollister will give my future and fashion career a new mode. Other than this, I have also heard about nice pay scales and salaries offered by Hollister stores. I also love working in fashion retail and so I want to work here.

  1. Why should we “The Hollister Store” hire you?

It is the most frequently interrogated question that could be asked to any interviewee in any of the interviews. It is also considered as the perfect question to convince an interviewer that you are the perfect match for the job vacancy. Share your talents, knowledge of fashion designing, etc. It really would be helpful to share previous employment experience here if you have employment experience in malls or clothing stores before.

I am very hard-working and experienced applicant here who knows how to use my talents, experience, and skills to keep our stores operating with a perfect reputation as well as with a good image.

I have been also employed in fashion and clothing stores before which gave me a perfect experience on how to deal with customers and offer them a perfect guest experience at our restaurant.

I also assure you that I would work here with all honesty and sincerity and will never give you a chance to feel dissatisfied with my works and duties here.

  1. How hospitable are you with the customers? Can you manage a situation with an angry or annoyed customer?

The stores like Hollister Stores are full of customers most of the times and every employee working here is expected to be humble and friendly with the customers. Also, an employee must be able to handle a situation with an angry customer if they ever face them.

Sir, honestly in working time, I do believe in CUSTOMER COMES FIRST. I always have been friendly and generous with the customers here. I am able to work in the customers and crowd around here. I am assuring that no customers meeting me will leave this place without smiling.

Also, I am always ready to face such situations. If I ever face any angry customer the I would try to calm down the situation first. I neither will take any of his/her comments personally nor will argue back. Instead of that, I will make an apology he/she can’t refuse. I will apologize with all my calmness. Other than that, I will take a feedback which makes me not face the same customers in the future.

  1. How comfortable are you in working as a TEAM?

The store chains such as Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch operated and operated by plenty of employees together. Every employee working here and applicants applying here are expected to work together as a Team and must be comfortable in working with their mates.

I am very comfortable working together with my colleagues and workmates. I have experience working in clothing stores before with many other workmates before. I also will love to create an environment in which my colleagues and work-mates would love to work with me.

  1. Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
  2. What is your favorite part in serving?
  3. What do you love the most in serving?
  4. What are your greatest strength and weakness?
  5. Why did you leave your last job?

Other Useful Hollister Job Interview Tips

  • Wear a formal or casual dress.
  • Make an eye contact while answering.
  • Always answer after listening patiently.
  • Enter the room with confidence and so answer with confidence.
  • Show and keep all your presence of mind. 

I hope the post available here will help you complete the Hollister Application process to apply for the Hollister Jobs. If you have any troubles in completing Hollister Application Online or getting an idea about Hollister Interview Question, comment below. To know more about Hollister Careers and Hollister Job Application Online, please visit our official site now.

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