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If you are searching for the ways to complete Dairy Queen Application to apply for Dairy Queen Jobs or you have already completed the Dairy Queen Job Application process and wants to check Dairy Queen Interview Questions then you are at the right post. Dairy Queen Careers offers many ways to complete DQ Application and apply for DQ Jobs.

Now, as you are trying to complete DQ Job Application you surely want to work at Dairy Queen restaurants, But, you must keep in mind that Dairy Queen restaurants are one of the largest food chains around the country and considered as one of the best places to work. You can expect from this that it is certainly going to be competitive in the selection and even thinking about walking for DQ Interview will be stupidity.

I suggest our users check this post carefully in order to complete the job application and get the right ideas about the interrogations that could be asked in Dairy Queen Job Interview. Referring to this post available here won’t take more of your time and this post will certainly help you to get hired for the desired DQ jobs.

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  • Dairy Queen Hiring Age– An applicant must be at least 16 years (Sixteen Years) older in order to apply for the jobs at Dairy Queen restaurants. The applicant applying for the corporate jobs or manager level jobs will require an age of 18 years.
  • Dairy Queen Working Hours– Dairy Queen restaurants generally operate from 10 am to 10 pm. The full-time employees at the store have to work for 40 hours a week whereas part-time job employees have to work for 20 to 28 hours a week. Managers have to work at least 25 to 30 hours a week.
  • DQ Application Methods– two ways through which an applicant can apply for the job.
    1. Complete Dairy Queen Job Application Online at Dairy Queen Careers Website, or
    2. Apply for Dairy Queen Restaurant Jobs by walking at Dairy Queen stores in person.
  • Dairy Queen Salary Dairy Queen Jobs Pay

    Crew Member $9 per hour
    Team Member $9 to $10 per hour
    Shift Leader $11 per hour
    Cook $9 per hour
    Cake Decorator $10 to $11 per hour
    Cashier $8 to $9 per hour
    Restaurant Staff $9 per hour
    Customer Service Lead $9 per hour
    Assistant Manager $28K to $35K per year
    Restaurant Manager $35K to $45K per year


An application is the first and a primary thing an applicant must complete in order to apply for jobs. Dairy Queen Hirings or DQ Jobs Employment offers very convenient ways to complete an application and apply for the jobs. Applicants are offered to choose any of the convenient ways to complete the job application and apply for the jobs.

Followings are the different ways through which an applicant can complete DQ Job Application and apply for jobs at Dairy Queen.

  1. Complete Dairy Queen Application at DQ Careers website or
  2. Apply for Dairy Queen Jobs at any of the DQ restaurants. (Follow the steps given below to apply)
    1. Download Dairy Queen Application Form PDF from the link given below.
    2. Print out the application neatly.
    3. Complete filling up the form with required details.
    4. Submit the application form back to the store.
    5. Your application will be submitted at the same time and will be considered soon.

Dairy Queen Application Online

Dairy Queen Application Online

  1. Visit Dairy Queen Careers Website at www.dairyqueen.com/us-en/Company/Careers.

  2. Choose to WORK IN STORE or WORK AT CORPORATE option available on the page.

  3. Search the available jobs at any store location by entering City, State Name or ZIP and select the location where you want to apply.

  4. Select the job from available jobs at your search results.

  5. Check Dairy Queen Job Description, Requirements, Qualifications, Job Location etc carefully.

  6. If the job description matches your requirements then hit on apply by selecting NEW CV to upload or use the previous CV.

  7. Agree with Dairy Queen’s Online Applicant Privacy Policy and accept the employment contract to continue.

  8. Select an option available to share your details from;

    • Upload a résumé/CV document
    • Copy and paste the content of an existing plain-text résumé/CV
    • Proceed without résumé/CV.
    • or use Linked in personal details to continue.
  9. Follow steps and provide some details as required and instructed as following

    • Provide personal details like Name, Contact Details, SSN
    • Job Preferences
    • Educational Qualifications
    • Additional Information
    • Profile Attachments
    • Résumé/CV Content
    • Sign Equal Employment Opportunity
  10. Once after completing filling up the application form, review application carefully and neglect the errors if any.

  11. In the end, hit on SUBMIT to submit the application.

Once you complete submitting the application or you hit on Submit Application, soon an application is submitted. Well, it will take time around two or three days to one week for the consideration of your application. Once your application is submitted and considered then you will be notified by any means of a contact you have provided in the application for the further application process and/or for the further Dairy Queen Hiring Process.

Download “Dairy Queen Application PDF


Once as you complete Dairy Queen Job Application Process it will be time for the most difficult and challenging step of DQ Hiring Process “AN INTERVIEW” due to which most of the applicants either don’t apply for a job or they get eliminated. When we talked with many of applicants walked in an interview at Dairy Queen, we found out some of those most probable questions which are interrogated in an interview more frequently.

Here, we are going to discuss those most probable questions and how to answer them. At the beginning of an interview, an interviewer asks about applicant’s personal life, personal life interests, education. hobbies, previous work & employment experience etc. An applicant usually answers these questions very easily and quickly.

After basic, when it comes to the interrogations about customer service, guest satisfaction, customer experience or about restaurant services then an applicant start feeling nervous. So, I suggest our users and applicants check the section given below carefully before thinking about walking in an interview and lose your chance of getting hired.

  1. What do you know about the Dairy Queen Restaurant chain?

These kinds of question usually interrogated by an interviewer team to examine whether an applicant walking in an interview does know anything about the restaurant chain or not. An applicant is suggested to answer such questions as long as possible. I’ve given the Dairy Queen Wiki file which will help you answer such questions related to Dairy Queen restaurants chain.

Dairy Queen (DQ) is a chain of soft serve ice cream and fast-food restaurants owned by International Dairy Queen, Inc., a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway. International Dairy Queen, Inc., also owns Orange Julius and Karmelkorn. The first DQ restaurant was located in Joliet, Illinois. It was operated by Sherb Noble and opened for business on June 22, 1940. It served a variety of frozen products, such as soft serve ice cream. The company’s corporate offices are located in the Minneapolis suburb of Edina, Minnesota.

Type Subsidiary
Industry Restaurant
Genre Fast food
Founded June 22, 1940; in Joliet, Illinois, United States
Founder John Fremont McCullough
Headquarters Edina, Minnesota, United States
Locations 4,455 (US domestic, 2017), 6,800 (Global)
Area Served Global
Key people Warren Buffett, Clayton Lundine, Troy Bader (CEO), Mark Vinton (CFO), Barry Westrum. (EVP Marketing)
Products Soft serve, fast food, ice cream, milkshakes, sundaes, hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, french fries, soft drinks, salads
Parent Berkshire Hathaway
Subsidiaries Orange Julius, Karmelkorn
Website dairyqueen.com
  1. Why should us “The Dairy Queen” restaurant chain hire you?

It is the most probable and frequently interrogated question that could be asked to you in any of the interviews. It is also the perfect question to convince the interviewer team that YOU are the perfect match for this hiring post or job vacancy. Share your unusual skills, talents and really would be helpful to share previous employment experience if you have worked in the restaurants before. Also, make sure you are walking in an interview after checking your job position description, requirements and required qualifications.

I am not only hard-working and obedient applicant but I also know how to play my roles and work with responsibilities here. I also have worked in the restaurant stores before and it gave enough experience for how to work in restaurants and keep our restaurant operating with a better reputation. 

I think I can handle and work with all my responsibilities here and work with exercising my skills and talents to nourish my career and maintain the reputation of our restaurant chain.

I am also assuring you that I will work here with my all experience and honesty and assure you that would never give you a chance to feel disappointed with my work here.

  1. Why do you want to work here in the restaurant industry? Or
    What makes you work in the Dairy Queen restaurant industry?

I have been employed in the restaurant stores before and working in here at one of the finest restaurant chains in the country will give my career a new mode. Other than that, if being honest, I have also heard of nice jobs pay and facilities offered to the employees at Dairy Queen Restaurant chain. I have also completed my studies to work in the restaurant industries and I just love to work in the food stores and so this makes me work here at Dairy Queen restaurants chain

  1. How comfortable are you in working as a Team?

Large restaurants chains such as Dairy Queen and others are operated and maintained by plenty of employees together. Now, as you are going to apply there you must be comfortable in working as a team with your work-mates and colleagues.

I believe in work together as a TEAM. I also have a very good sense of mutual understanding which will help me here working with my colleagues and work-mates. I will love to create an environment in which my work partners also will love to work with me.

  1. How friendly are you with customers? What does customer service mean to you?

A customer is the most important thing such large restaurants consider in order to establish their business. Also, every employee working at the store or corporate must be humble and friendly with the customer at a restaurant. It is the responsibility of every employee that every customer at the restaurant is served with total customer services and they are satisfied enough.

I always believed in customers are the basic priority and I believe in CUSTOMER COMES FIRST. I will love to treat every customer with what they deserve at our restaurant and offer them the best customer service experience at our restaurant.

  1. Can you handle an upset customer? or
    Are you able to manage a situation with an angry customer?

Every employee from the restaurant is expected that they can handle and manage their customers. If they face any annoyed or upset customer then they must be able to calm down the situation and so the customer without affecting reputation, image and other customers at the store.

If I will face any angry customer then I will try to calm down the situation without affecting the reputation of our restaurant at that time.

I am not going to take any of their comments personally or argue back for any reason. Instead, I will make an apology with all my calmness. I will try to make it the way our customer wants, if possible. Also, I will take a feedback from an angry customer which will help me not face another angry customer for the same reason.

  1. What are your ideas about offering better customers experience?
  2. What are your strength and weakness?
  3. Why did you leave your last job?
  4. Where do you see yourself in five years? 

I am sure the information and guidance on this post will help you complete Dairy Queen Application process and apply for Dairy Queen Jobs. The information about Dairy Queen Interview Questions was also presented hereafter proper researches and investigations. If you still have any troubles in completing Dairy Queen Job Application step or DQ Application Process then comment below. For more hiring events and jobs like DQ Jobs check our site now.

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