Applebee’s Job Application & Applebees Interview Questions

Applebee’s Careers or MyApplebeesJobs offers plenty of Applebee’s Jobs who are interested in working at Applebee’s Restaurants or at corporate offices. Now, if you are searching for ways to complete Applebee’s Job Application or completed Applebee’s Application step already and want to get ideas about Applebee’s Interview Question then you are at the correct post, where you needs to be.

Every possible way to complete Applebees Job Application with step by step guides and every little detail about Applebees Hiring Process and Applebee’s Application Online process have been described here. Now, as you know Applebee’s is considered as one of the finest places to get at, applying for jobs and thinking about walking in an interview will be simply a Stupidity. And so, I suggest our users this post available here. Referring to the full post won’t take more than 10 to 15 minutes but it certainly would be helpful for you in order to get hired for the desired Applebee’s Restaurant Job.


Applebee’s Job application is the primary step every applicant must accomplish in order to apply for the jobs for any jobs position at any location. Applebee’s Employment or hiring offers many ways to complete an application to apply for the jobs. An applicant can choose any of the convenient ways to complete an application and apply for the desired job. Most applicants and users follow two ways to complete a job application.

  1. Complete Applebee’s Job Application Online at Applebee’s Careers & Jobs website or
  2. Apply for Applebee’s Jobs at any of the Applebee’s restaurant stores.
    1. Download Applebee’s Job Application PDF from the given link below.
    2. Print out the application form neatly.
    3. Complete filling up the application form with required details.
    4. Submit the application form back to the restaurant and your application will be submitted.

Applebee’s Job Application Online

An applicant must need an online account in Talentreef Website or Applebee’s Application Login account in order to complete Applebee’s Jobs Application Online at Applebee’s Careers website. If you do not have an account then you can create a new account instantly just by entering basic personal details.

Follow the steps given below in order to complete the job application online at careers website.

Applebees Job Application

  1. Visit Applebee’s Careers Website at

  2. Search for a job to apply at Restaurant Careers or select Corporate Careers.

  3. Enter the location to search for a job.

  4. Select any of the available jobs and hit on APPLY NOW to continue the application.

  5. You will receive a notification about leaving Applebee’s Careers Website, hit on CONTINUE there.

  6. Now, select the available job there and check Applebee’s Job Description, Location, details, shift hours, duties and responsibilities, requirements, eligibility etc.

  7. After checking Applebees Job Description carefully, hit on APPLY NOW to continue.

  8. Login to your TALENTREEF Website account by entering phone number and password. 

  9. Follow and/or provide the required details and following steps

    • Personal Information
    • Share details about the work permit, Your age, minimum wages required, reliable transportation.
    • Answer questions pertaining to your work schedule (part-time, full-time, timing schedule etc)
    • Share your educational background and details.
    • Share your previous work and employment history.
    • Share References.
  10. Once you complete providing the necessary details, review the application carefully and neglect the errors if any.

  11. After correcting the application, hit on large colored option available there to SUBMIT.

As soon as you hit on the submit option available there, your application will be submitted. And once your job application is submitted it takes significant time of two or three days to one week for the consideration of your application.

When your application is considered and if you are qualified enough and fulfill the requirements of the job then you will be notified by any means of contact you have provided in the application form. Make sure that you are providing a correct way to reach you.


Once you will complete the application process, it will be time for the most difficult task of the Applebee’s Hiring Process or Applebee’s Application Process. Most of the applicants looking for the jobs at Applebee’s get rejected in this step of the hiring process. And that is why I suggested our users who wished to apply for the jobs at Applebee’s restaurant chain take a look at this section carefully in order to get selected for the desired job.

At the beginning of Applebee’s Job Interview, there will be interrogations about an applicant’s personal life, hobby, interests, lifestyle, previous work and employment history, educational qualifications etc. And an applicant usually answers such questions easily and quickly.

But when it comes to the interrogations about customer experience, restaurant services, customer services, and guest experience at the restaurant, an applicant start finding himself/herself in troubles and start feeling nervous. So, after analyzing interviewees walked in an interview at the Applebee’s restaurants, we have selected some of those most probable questions which are usually interrogated in an interview. And those selected questions are presented here. Check these questions carefully and check in order to answer questions in the interview.

  1. What do you know about the Applebee’s Restaurants Chain?

Such kinds of questions are usually interrogated in an interview to examine whether an applicant knows anything about the chain where he/she is applying or not. If such questions are interrogated to you, you must answer such questions as long as possible. Show them you know many things about the restaurant chain where you are applying. Given below is the Applebee’s Wiki file which will help you answer such questions.

Applebee’s is an American company which develops, franchises, and operates the Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill + Bar restaurant chain. As of December 2015, there were 2,033 restaurants operating system-wide in the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, and 15 other countries, all owned and operated by franchisees. The company was headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, after moving from Lenexa, Kansas, in September 2011. On September 3, 2015, it was announced that their parent company, DineEquity, would be consolidating its headquarters for Applebee’s and IHOP to DineEquity’s Glendale, California, location. As a result, President Steven R. Layt chose not to relocate and resigned effective September 4, 2015

Type Subsidiary
Industry Restaurants
Genre Casual dining
Founded November 19, 1980; Decatur, Georgia, U.S.
Founders Bill Palmer and T. J. Palmer
Headquarters Glendale, California, U.S.
Number of locations 1,936 (2017)
Areas Served United States, Canada, Mexico
Key people John Cywinski, President
Employees 28,000 (2013)
Parent Dine Brands Global (2007–present)
Divisions Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill + Bar
  1. Why should we “the Applebee’s Restaurants Chain” hire you?

It is the most probable questions that could be interrogated to any of the interviewees in any of the interviews. It is necessary to know your roles to play and responsibilities in order to answer this question. As it is the main question which decides half of your chance to get selected and not to get selected, you must answer convincingly that you are the perfect match for a required job position. It really would be helpful to share your work experience if you have worked in restaurants, stores etc and sharing your education details if you have completed studies in the restaurant industry or management.

I am a very hard-working applicant here who knows how to work with responsibilities and ply my roles here.

Also, I have been also employed in the restaurants before which give me a perfect experience on how to work in restaurant industries.

Other than that, I have also completed my studies in management to work in the restaurant industry. I assure you that choosing me from an applicant to an employee won’t disappoint you with your decision. I also assure you that I will work with all my honesty and sincerity here.

  1. What makes you work here in the restaurant industry or at “the Applebee’s Restaurants Chain?

As I have been employed in the restaurants before, I know how to work in the restaurant chain. I have completed my studies in order to work in the restaurant industry. And I have chosen to make my career in the restaurant industry and what better place it could be to work in the restaurant industry that Applebee’s. Other than that, I also heard of nice pay scales and treat you offer to the employees here and this made me work here at the Applebee’s Restaurant chain.

  1. How hospitable are you with customers? Can you handle an upset customer?

As the restaurants like Applebee’s are mostly full of customers, every employee working at the restaurant is expected to be humble and friendly with the customers. And if they met an angry or annoyed customer then they must be able to handle them and manage the situation without affecting the restaurant’s image.

I have worked with customers before and I believe in the CUSTOMER COMES FIRST. I am very humble to the customers and always give them what they deserve here.

Other than that, if I ever meet an angry customer then I will try to calm down the situation first without affecting the reputation of our restaurant. I am not going to take any of their comments personally and not going to argue back for any reason. Instead of these, I will make an apology with all my calmness.

I will try to make it the way our customer wants it if it’s possible. I will also take a feedback from the customer which will help me not to face any other angry customer for the same reason.

  1. What are your ideas about customers service?

Every customer walking in the restaurant is important for us and it’s our duty to offer every customer what they deserve. As I already told I believe in CUSTOMER COMES FIRST, I really appreciate who offer good services to the customers here. I will love to treat our in the best way here and offer them a perfect guest experience at our restaurant.

  1. How comfortable are you in working as A TEAM?

The large restaurants’ chains and corporate offices like Applebee’s Restaurant Chain are operated, maintained and managed by plenty of employees together. Now, every employee working in the restaurant must be able to work as a team and give a better working output.

As I have a very good sense of mutual understanding I think I am very comfortable in working as a Team. Also, I will love to create an environment in which my workmates and co-workers will love to work with me.

  1. How will you offer better customer services to the customers here?
  2. What are your greatest strength and weakness?
  3. Why did you leave your last job?
  4. Where do you see yourself in the next five year? 

Hopefully, the guidance on this post will help you complete Applebee’s Application process and get the ideas about Applebee’s Interview Questions. If you still have any troubles in completing Applebee’s Job Application or completing Applebees Application Online then comment below and to know more about Applebee’s Jobs, visit the official site now.

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